Who We Are

Our Mission Statement
Our mission is to provide comprehensive programs that promote health and prevent substance-abuse related disease and disabilities in Baltimore City. It is our commitment to offer efficient and effective access to necessary treatment and ancillary patient support systems in a cost effective and accountable manner, resulting in improved patient functioning, higher patient satisfaction, and better treatment outcomes for all patient.
Our Vision Statement
The facility's vision is to serve persons that struggle with opiate addiction by providing medication assisted treatment alongside traditional treatment protocols at all levels of care without prejudice or philosophical discrimination between abstinence and harm reduction models of care. We will strive to become a beacon of hope in our community to achieve this end.
We work to interrupt the patterns of addiction and relapse through effective treatment. We will make every effort to alleviate the social consequence and costs of addiction, together with maintaining the ongoing aspiration of bringing them to an end. It is our belief that the advances in pharmacological and psycho social sciences will make this dream a reality.
We will continue to improve the quality of care that we provide. We hope to enhance the lives of people we serve. It is our further belief and vision that people in our care are becoming vigorous individuals who will build healthy communities which offer freedom from the stigma of chemical dependence with equal opportunities to live satisfying and productive lives for all.
Patient confidentiality is our top priority. Orleans Health staff is fully trained on and compliant with HIPAA, as well as state and federal, confidentiality guidelines.

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